anal Stories in August 2018

«The futa reporter and her sexy daughter film hot promos for her news station.»

The Futa Fairy - Futa Reporter's Wicked Wish Chapter 2: Becca's Naughty Promos

My mother's girlfriend is a real spanish pepper

La Novia Española

Nowhere to go, nothing to do, and then suddenly: there's a girl

In the forest

«A Hot Threesome»

Daniel and Madelyn

Wife fullfills fantasies and beyond

Fullfilled Fantasies, Part I

«The Antichrist has set his sights on Rosewood Academy, in search of new victims to toy with.»

The Man of Sin: The Series

Following my boyfriend to have sex in brothel.

Anal in a Strange Place

I've finished with her friend, so now can I start with her?

The Switch

A horny Indian village boy fucks a pretty NRI chick.

Village Guy Fucks The NRI Slut

A failed attempt at self-bondage leads to a predicament.

Presenting...Anne's Ass

A sunbathing woman has an assignation with a gardener.

The Receptive Goddess, In Repose

The two lovers go on their first "date"

I Love My Dad, Part 4

How my Thai wife became my boss's property

The Taking Of My Wife, Part 4: A wife is defiled

With Brigitte's encouragement, Harry begins to take control.

Wild Hibiscus - Three is not a Crowd

A holiday after the campaign.

Body Politic 2

«18 yr old Shay learns how to be a pet by her mature neighbor»

Shay's Adventures on Corvis: Teaching Shay pt.1

«An attractive young stud does his best to achieve his goals involving money and fucking a middle aged executive of a software firm»

Beautiful Body - Film Noir Collection

«When Riley gets drunk and high, spying on her is taken to a whole new level»

Spying on Riley #3 - Riley's best orgasm ever

«James dreams a young girl is riding him. Then he realizes it's his daughter!»

Parental Lust

«The saga of depravity continues as Sapna’s asshole is completely destroyed.»

Rahul and Sapna Ch. 4 :- Sapna the toilet whore

Being a teacher is not easy, and when Mrs. Hoper learns about Simon's secret, she is shocked.

Just Simon

Boy, girls, and toys.

My Sexy Roommate Ch. 04 - Girls' Toy

He stroked his cock furiously as his wife moaned in ecstasy riding his step-daughter's fingers.

Wife In Training - Part 3 (The Finale)

Following up on my encounter at the mall

My Girlfriend's Dad, Part VI

«The night gets better»

Threesome after concert 2

«Good friends continue pushing their boundaries and exploring their fetishes»

Cheryl 3Some P3

«They head to the Pillar of Fire’s demesne to get answers on who Jessica is. Will their worst fears be realized, or is something else afoot?»

The Succubae Seduction 2: The Twins, Chapter 17

«Nephew treats wife poorly, uncle takes over treats her well»

Grandma's Funeral

«Zoo shut Maria finds too much cock is never enough»

A typical day at the farm

«Jeremy has a wild three-some with his two wives»

Recollections Ch. 16

She presents the new recruits!

Rainy Night - Part 3

I was confused, Pat seemed to have invited Sam into the bedroom when we were about to have sex.

Visiting Sam Part 3

«Drunken wife turned into blacked out whore»

Breeding Beauty Chp1 - Blacked out Fun

What is it about this Victorian book that makes Harry do such uncharacteristic things?

The Last Bookshop

Cindy's first time with anal, the beginning of her sexual awakening.

Cindy's First Time

Unlucky for some, but not necessarily for everyone…

Unlucky Number

Stacey meets her idol and gets more than she bargained for...

The VIP Room

A viking raider's wife gets more than she expected when her husband plunders a beautiful slave girl.

The Tale of the Warrior's Wife

Three mature ladies and one lucky younger guy living the dream.

The Good Guy all the Bad Girls Want: part 6

Julie and Jenny off to college now Bev and I venture out of the Fuck House…

Jenny, Jenny Oh Sweet Jenny – Part 5

While on a trip to Auckland I arranged to meet these two guys at a gay Nightclub.

Nightclub Threesome

She was not allowed to sleep with him, or was she?

Affairs of the Ass

It was dark by the time Violet made it to the car. Just another Friday evening. She’d already said goodnight to her father. He hadn’t seemed to suspect a thing. Didn’t he see it? Didn’t he hear the mad, racing beat of her heart? It felt like a newly caged bird, trying to burst its way out of her chest. Thump. Thump. Thump. Did he know? It felt as though the world revolved around her deceit....Read On

Blown Out

Shower fun.

Our Story Ch. 03

Valentine's night fun with toys and the works.

Valentine's Night

«He's been watching her for a while, but tonight he'll make her his.»

Silk Tie

«With time running out Barbara Makes A Deal»

Barbara Runs The Gauntlet Part 3

«Fairy an a Lumberjack discover each other for the first time»

The Woodsman and the Fairy

«I walk in on my dad fucking his best friend and neighbor, then get caught myself!»

Caught By My Dad and His Friend

Lonely wife finds bike riding a great diversion.

A Traveling Salesman Pt. 02

Two party girls, living life, getting by.

Roll With It

«Continuation of the physical and emotional abuse from my neighbour Jack»

The Neighbour Part 2

«Keily is eager to surprise her mother with her new futa-cock!»

The Futa Fairy - Futa's Forbidden Wish Chapter 3: Keily's Futa Surprise

«The is a continuation of my previous story, The Prophecy Ch. 5»

The Prophecy Ch. 6

«Jeremy's two wives are driving him insane with passion»

Recollections Ch. 14

«A younge man seduced by his step sisters»

League Of Domination: My Step Mistresses

After visiting a bar Bobby enters the alley of delight…

The Alley

I had known Carol since she was a small child when, with her brother Peter and their mother Rachel, she had come to live next door to my wife and me. At the time Rachel was in her mid thirties which was about the same age as our own children. She had recently divorced her husband when she discovered he had been having an affair with a co-worker for several years. Wanting to make a clean...Read On

Erotic Fantasies Of An Ageing Widower

The night I lost my anal virginity, I said the same exact line.

I Want You To Fuck My Ass

As he gets closer to breaking their marital rut, Larry's relationship with Annie grows.

The Rut-Breaker - Part V

«Bisexual takes on two guys»

My first gay threesome

«My wife makes her young Hispanic lover pay dearly for his sexual transgressions»

Blacked and Betrayed (chapter 6)

«With his mind-control orgy, Mr. Horne starts an orgy at his church with his four daughters.»

Daddy's Mind-Controlled Daughters 5: Daddy Daughter Orgy

Stephanie has to make a decision about giving up her ass.

Stripping Stephanie Pt. 02

«once he hit a certain point you can never go back»

Point of No Return

Jessica's new secretary learns the consequences of mistakes

Memories of Anne

Rugby Boys have a hot time in the shower room.

The Captain

«Desperate girl tries for the money a few more times»

Barbara Runs The Gauntlet Part 2

Jill goes from college life to working mother with two kids - old lover is back in the picture.

Jill's Journey

Part 4 - A young woman shows her Mum's boyfriend what she learned at college...

Mummy's Nasty Girl

A career in politics.

The Body Politic

An English teacher gives student reward for amazing essay.

English Teacher: Reward

I finish my day of private booth service.

Happy to be Used (Pt. 5)

«Girl desperate for money plays sex game for prize»

Barbara Runs The Gauntlet Part 1

«I fucked my neighbour a hot milf as we tried to agree on how much I was to be paid for tutoring her son»

Tuition Fees

Phil and Helene become lovers

Ferry Girl 2

They said she was boring. Now she's out to change that.

Breaking Out of Boring

Jessica goes out for her first time and finds herself and a lot of fun

A Night of Firsts

«Keily is eager to show her sister her futa-cock and breed her even if she's in the middle of class!»

The Futa Fairy - Futa's Forbidden Wish Chapter 2: Keily's Futa Menage

«Faoril's experiment backfires, and Thraks rage is unleashed upon the party.»

The Knight and the Acolyte Book 8, Chapter 2: Cuckolded by the Orc

«My wife's older sister gets secretly raped in the bathroom at our hotel room»

Blacked and Betrayed (chapter 5)

Two seniors at boarding school decide to punish a junior caught smoking…

Cleaning The Ashtray

«A story for anyone that is curious about experiencing their first double pebetration»

My first ever MFM thresome

«An office romance flourishes between two unlikely partners.»

Work Diaries

«Nicola starts her plan to take the school. And has a lot of fun on the way»

The Whore in Me part 2

Part two, my wife continues to live out her fantasies

My wife's fantasy finally comes true - Part two

Bear takes his Queen's ass in the morning.

Morning Playtime

Tranny, Mistress and the art of being used.

The Moors

Jessica gets to be a bride for her man

Being a Bride

«Daddy's mind-controlled twins put on a naughty strip tease for him before their friends.»

Daddy's Mind-Controlled Daughters 4: Twins Strip for Daddy

«Recent college grad shares his day-to-day life after he moves in with his Aunt. Turns out she isn’t your typical widowed suburbanite.»

Moving in with Aunt Millie

«Xavier shows Helena the future that awaits them.»

The Man of Sin: Chapter 11

«A country lass deciding to try something new»

Furry Fun

«A helping hand gives rise to an affair»

Mrs Robinson

«Lisa-Ann and her Daughters get blacked by BBC»

BBC For the Mueller Women

«Chapter: 3 The Virus has spread to the forest, Lisa's dog unwittingly becomes infected and has a new appreciation for his master.»

The R-Virus: A Woman and her Dog

«Together at the School Dance! Our Secret Revealed?»

Cheer Raider & SABRE Panther Episode 9

Back tracking to an earlier time when a young girl becomes not such a good girl.

Good Girls Tell No Lies: Episode 3

«The party continues and goes on and on.»

My Awakening - Part 7

«After agreeing to meet a new client, a prositute gets more than she bargained for»

A Whore gets Punished

«n a small hamlet, five miles from the nearest town, lust had begun to dominate a family's thoughts»

Lust is contagious.

«Like mother - Like Daughter»

Double Vision

«A brutal fuck from her dog helps Katie find her true self.»

No Longer Innocent

Tobin's education continues

The Good Neighbour, Part Three

«housewife has her life destroyed»

How could this happen to me part 3

«College couple yearns for escape from gang's sexual torments.»

Freshman Couple's Night Out - Part 2

«Rachel's soul is corrupted with a desire for power, and Lucifer thinks she knows just how to capitalize on it: by fulfilling Rachel's desire for revenge.»

God is a Slut Chapter 5: A Devil at the College Party

«My husband punishes me for giving attitude»

I learned not to give my husband an attitude

«Keily wants to be a futa like her older sister, and the futa-fairy answers her wish!»

The Futa Fairy - Futa's Forbidden Wish Chapter 1: Keily's Futa Gift

A bored housewife visits a university and it changes her life forever

eight university students and me

Teddy enrolls in the ‘buddy system’ when he gets to know Giuseppe…

Wanking With Giuseppe

If you experience an erection lasting more than four hours seek medical attention immediately.

The Four-Hour Erection

How my Thai wife became my boss's property

The Taking Of My Wife, Part 3: My Wife Cheats

Light bondage and submission.

The River Street Apartment

Sofia and Matt... Finding pleasure in all the right places.

Getting Sofia

Tradies are tradesmen, rough blue-collar guys who like to work with their ‘hands’…

The Tradie Bar

Walt gets cooled off from the heat.

The Pool House Favor

Jenny, Julie and Beverly tell all... Oh my, how perverted I have become,

Jenny, Jenny Oh Sweet Jenny - Part 4

Vulcan was angry with Pompeii, but let me escape with a slave girl.

Vulcan's Wrath

How my Thai wife became my boss's property

The Taking Of My Wife, Part 2: The seduction of my wife

my wife finally get her double penetration

my wife's fantasy finally comes true

He takes my ass.

Our Story Ch. 02

Man decides to go undercover as a transvestite to get a job as an airline hostess

Hostess With The Mostest - Chapter One

The best man is the groom's lover. Will becoming his brother-in-law complicate matters?

Gifts for the Groom: Bottoms Up

The girls enjoy more anal sex and discover breast play.

Who Needs Privacy Among Family? Ch. 03

Hard-working exec gets pumped by married guy on cruise.

What a Cruise

No such thing as free ride, a Natassia story.

Ohh La Taxi Free Ride

«The futa Mrs. Fatima claims her daughters and her husband's second wife as her own!»

The Futa Fairy - Futa MILF's Harem Wish Chapter 3: Mrs. Fatima's Fertile Harem

«Lonely young man confides in his gay friend looking for sexual experimentation.»

My First Sexual Male Partner

«My first time»

My 1st time as a bottom

«A sex club has it its activities curtailed»

The Dispatcher.

Holly and Sandra do talk. Sandra wants to be a new member of the group.

Sandra Is Inquisitive

Hookup at the coffee shop.

The Lunch Date

Annette needs to get laundry done. So do three guys.

Dirty Laundry

Gift-wrapped in leather

Biker's Dream

Crossing the barriers of professionalism.

Blurring the Lines

The morning after the reunion is even more satisfying.

The One that Got Away Ch. 02

He's teaching me to enjoy anal pleasure.

I Love the Way He Takes My Ass

Sofia surprises Matt upon his return home.

The Homecoming Pt. 02

Watching the game turned into some anal fun.

A Packers Game

anal stories in July