anal Stories in January 2018

Two friends break new ground while vacationing in Las Vegas.

A Change Will Do You Good.

Two middle school friends reconnect years later.

Friends Become Lovers: Alice & Shane

An unbelievable, hot, lust-filled first time.


My first time having anal sex with another woman.

First Time Anal. First Time Cheating.

Good things cum in those who wait...

Belated Birthday Present

Karen gets her pussy shaved by her uncle then gets her ass rimmed and fucked

Niece Karen Gets a Trim (and MORE)

A lovely yound lady asked me to write something like this for her

A Story for Bree

Partner is turned on by a third party

I Came Home For Lunch One Day

«The world's first futa sparks off an orgy in her dorm.»

The World's First Futa 02 – Futa's Wild Day 3: Futa's First Wild Party

«Horny married guy has a desire to try man on man sex and becomes a sex slave.»

Sudden Urges-1

«A day that was started 2 years earlier turned into an unforgettable experience»

A Day to Remember

A housewife cheats to get anal.

Lifestyle of a Housewife

MFF threesome, with lots of anal.

Ladies and their Butts Ch. 02

Sending a cheeky text message to my wife leads to an old friend joining us in a hot threesome.

Bringing Home an Old Biker Friend

A fantasy gives birth to an alternative lifestyle.

The Butcher’s Block … Part 2

Partner is turned on by a third party

I Came Home For Lunch One Day

«This story took place when I was in high school. An older man befriended me and took advantage of the situation. I continue to think about what happened, and revisit the memories of that fateful time in my life»

Fateful Encounter

«My girlfriend is still fucking her ex. .»

Lauren's Fuck Buddy

«Written as a play for a request some time ago, this is my first submission to this site.»

Katrina Flips the Rape

«lighting technician for the porn industry is lured into a secret society where his life, and his addictions, are changed forever.»

Blank, Sex & Murder - Chapter 13 and 14

«Princess Ava grapples with her discovery that Sven is fucking his sister.»

The Rogue's Harem Book 1, Chapter 7: Princess's Taboo Discovery

«An extreme story of an internet date gone horribly wrong.»

Naughty Nick

«High School girls troubles»


«Jimmy escapes from his high school girl dramas.»


«Alica's plans pay off! She's bred by her big brother!»

Breed Me Big Brother Chapter 3: Little Sister Bred and Loved

Tobin and Trevor continue their evening of ecstasy

The Good Neighbour, Part Six

Kathy is a cheating wife who loves anal.


An Ellie and Sam story. The start. Before 'tied to a table'.

Late Night at the Office

Two anal lovers share their first experiences.

Share and Share Alike

She gives him a sexy welcome home.

Pegging Peter Ch. 01

The conclusion to Emily's story.

The Downfall of Emily Ann Pt. 05

Accommodation leads to domination when Tommy moves in with 'Porky Pong'...…

Porky Pong

Ellie and Sam, and a table.

Tied to a Table

An ebony Muslima finds love at the gym.

Sex at the Gym

New in town, she wants to leave an impression.

The Egyptian Teacher's Night Out

An office Casanova has to prove that he really wants this girl.

How Badly Does He Want Her?

Accommodation leads to domination…


Sometime's a girl just wants to fish.

But a Big Dream - Chapter 3

«This is the second part of a story that I'm working on.»

Alex's New Life: Part 2

«A coat left at a party leads to a teacher retrieving it, and enjoying the hosts as well.»

Sara's Parents - MFM

«My orgasm was starting to build. How I lasted so long at all I think is down to her, and the initial reluctance of my cock/mind.»

My older Sister

I just had to get my two “sex patients” together, if only for one night.

My Psychiatry Practice: Part 3

«Tiffany and her father, Randy, are home alone for the holiday. Randy wants to have sex with Tiffany but she does not. Guess which one of them gets their way.»

Unwanted: Part 6

«21 year old hypnotist Paul and his cumsluts»

Paul and his Whores

«The day I found out my crush was mutual»

Seducing my best friend

«Lucy tells Jim her whole sexual history after he catches her fucking her brother»

I Love Lucy pt.2

«Pastor Peter gets the Unique Ability and gets a bit unhinged by it.»


«"I hope you like fucking your mother in the ass while wearing her panties," she teased.»

A Bike Ride with My Mom

«Mr. Hughes just nearly spotted the two boys fornicating together, they are now on the run to hide as quickly as possible. They might get away with it but things are about to take a unexpected turn in their sex life.»

A Hectic Love Life Chapter 3

«Random internet encounter is more than expected»

First Time Internet Hookup, Ch. 1

«Man fucked by internet sex buddy again»

First Time Internet Hookup, Ch 2

«This is a tale of a young man that knows what he wants but is to scared to get it. Alex is a young man who is interested in bug chasing, a very controversial kink where he wants someone to infect him with the HIV virus.»

Alex's New Life

«Emilia Clarke brings the cum jar to John Oakhill and is ravished once again.»

The Ordeal of Emilia Clarke Ch.3

A brave hijabi girl's adventure at the office.

That One Muslim Woman

A sexy tipsy older woman in your spare bed. Do you both go and tuck her in?

Older, Wiser, Dirtier!

Class let out and Tina said her obligatory goodbyes to her students as they left.  As usual, the students bantered back and forth and joked as they left the classroom; but they left in an orderly fashion.  As the students were leaving, Tina noticed one young man hanging back near his desk.   Konner was one of her better students.  Six-feet-two and sandy blond,  he was also one of her...Read On

Teacher's Pet

I knew it was wrong.

I know it's wrong

She's the barmaid, he's the customer. He wanted to pay cash, but she can't return him the change.

Worth The Money

Strangers have anal sex at an orgy.

Ladies and their Butts Ch. 01

The trip to Paris comes to a conclusion.

The Cruise Singer Finale

His girlfriend unexpectantly puts on her strap-on.

Cindy's Finger (& Her Strap-on)

A long-cherished fantasy is made real in a boy's boarding school dormitory.

Boy's School Dormitory Delight

The wife continues her office fun with the other attorney

Office Shenanigans Continue

«Luke and Ms. Taylor return from vacation. Her sister Linda comes to town for a visit. Luke and Linda hit it off real quick»

Mrs. Taylor (THE MILF) PART 4


My Darling Mother

Jack’s dream takes Steph on an uncharted journey into steamy waters.

Mr. Black’s Dinner Party

Trent convinces his wife to let him enter her back door.

The Secretary's Tail Ch. 02

Phil's neighbors offer him a tasty treat.

Tales from Schooner Street: Phil

Anal. It's not just for girls anymore.

Motel Acadiana

The first time I met Sheila, my wife’s sister, I fell in lust.

My Wife’s Sister Came to Visit

Landing the new gig required a little extra effort on my part

Landing My Dream Job

«FlixNet and chill, and Mom comes home and it's deja vu all over again.»

Mouth parts 6 and 7

«Zanyia finds a naughty way to have fun while sharing a saddle with her Master.»

The Rogue's Harem Book 1, Chapter 5: Lamia's Naughty Fun

«Tiffany is currently caught in a sex triangle with both her father Randy and her brother Jon. They both have sex with her whenever they feel like it without asking if she wants to or not.»

Unwanted: Part 5

«My Craigslist date and I mix it up.»

New year's done right

«Kevin's abuse of Margo continues, and he pushes it even further.»

The Other Forgotten

«Two women and me, does it get any better?»

Trick or Treating a Witch

«Best birthday present a wife can give.»

A Birthday Present

«A quickie with a stranger turns out a most memorable anal orgasm.»

It's What's Inside That Matters

«A serious attempt to bring back a genre...with a twist.»

Film Noire Series #1

«A young nephew fresh out of jail and my concerting efforts to introduce him to the world»

Father and Son

«Problems brew, but will Marc be quick to look past it?»

Change of Desire Ch. 3

«Eric finds that even with three generations of women in the house, it's not hard to make a connection»

Three Generations of Erotic Women

«Carrying on from Furry Fun with Lydia's younger brother..»

Furry Fun 2

«Teasing drunk nympho niece gets it good»

My niece Debbie-part 2

The villagers of Koletis must send one woman to be the Monster's annual mate.

The Monster in the Cave

Mature lady entertains at a bachelor party.

Anally Yours Too

A fitness trainer's genius plan

Who needs abs?

Alice's first glimpse at the dark side.

Dark Desires Ch.2

My sister, who is a year older than me, always had good taste in boyfriends. I liked every one of them, but a few of them stand out. When I was sixteen she had one named Richard who was nineteen. Mom normally wouldn’t have approved because of the age difference, but she said Richard was a nice boy from a good family, which meant they had more money than us. Richard wasn’t nearly as nice as...Read On

My Buggered Brother-In-Law

My journey of filling my asshole.

How I Fill My Ass

Karen offers herself for a wild night

Stress Relief

Christa tries to seduce her teacher, tries something new.

Ms. Morgan's Dilemma

getting that monster cock.

The Gym Monster.

She lost her favourite slave-girl Cora to a handsome rival in a game of cards, but she has a plan...

Of Slaves Lost and Won

When my girlfriend’s sister moves out, she shares a sex tape and things get interesting.

Flat Sharing With My Girlfriend’s Sister - Part II

A married co-worker gets what he’s been missing

Sexy Co-Worker Gets His Birthday Wish

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