bestiality Stories in March 2018

«A distinguished raiding guild officer finds herself the victim of a political power play that brings her literally and figuratively to her knees. Though, it's not like all the orcs or the horse care about the 'figurative' part. World of Warcraft»

Dirty Deals in Azeroth

«Kay has a encounter with a friend and doesn't realize she is being watched by Ann who later finds love with a stray dog.»

Older Women Have Fantasies, Some Act on Them

«A sex slave finds her wedding day is memorable for all the wrong reasons.»

Sisters in Slavery Chapter 07 part 2

«The introduction of a beautiful young woman who finds the joys of confession»

I confessed to the priest and so did he

«Laney is invited to take care of her neighbor's dog and does; then takes care of the neighbor»

Tales of Laney R

«A down-home country gal returns to her childhood home after a stint in college. Given the drought for dicking out in the middle of nowhere, she turns to other means to get her fill.»

Return to the Family Farm

«Young lady and pet beagle travels to a petting seminar»

The Seminar

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