incest Stories in May 2018

My mother wants Tom, too. She wants him bad.

Getting to Know Aunt Lorraine Ch. 03

Further adventures with family and friends.

I Feel the Same Ch. 02

Some days are worse than others.

A "Bad" Day: Day 04

Family swapping.

Brothers and Sisters

Daddy wants to take his daughter to the next level...

Taking Ella's Ass

Cindy's sweet, yet dark past.

Salt Ch. 02

Parents unhappy with her provocative videos.

Coming Down on Daughter

Widowed Mother is attracted to Son.

Growing Up Ch. 02

A Baby Girl is Born: Shopping with Daddy.

A Baby Girl is Born Ch. 05

"Uncle" Dolph Cums a Calling.

Mummy's Good, Good Boy Ch. 02

Son shows mom he's now in charge.

Son Gives Mom a Fucking She Needs

A daughter's love for family changes all.

Trinity - Discovery

They find new ways to please each other.

Finding her Father Ch. 02

Getting to know the family.

A Lost Daughter Ch. 02

Mandy the first to get NuRu massage, then Kristin, then Mom.

Last Man Standing at the Spa

An uncle helps his niece.

Holly and her Uncle Pt. 02

Joan helps out her mother and stepfather.

Morning Surprise Ch. 02

A one night stand shows up at a family gathering.

We're Close for Cousins

Olivia finally gets some action, but it's just a warmup.

Favela Pt. 04

young woman wants to know why she enjoys rough sex

The Subscriber Chapter I - Tell Me Everything Part I

I can't wait to get you into bed

The Dance, Final Chapter

Messaging a naughty guy leads to hot sex

My Dark Prince

The Son inherits Dad's Property.

Property Rights

Dan Throws a Party.

Dan and Cock Socket Ch. 13

Johnny has a wet dream and learns about life.

Johnny, Sis, and Jenine

Twisted family values.


Stepdaughter has the hots for new stepdad.

A+ Stepdaughter, Caught Wet Handed

Lily's resentment for her step brother dissolves into lust.

A Brother & Sister One Night Stand

Things take a turn for the accidental at nudist colony...

Accidental Penetrations Ch. 01

Fiona's embarks on a journey of incest and interracial sex.

Fiona Pt. 02

As my oldest son graduates, I think about how he came to be.

Don't Knock It...

A continuation of Part 4. Pool threesome.

I Love You Too Princess Pt. 05

A son explores deeper.

My Mom's a Submissive Slut Pt. 02

Katie reveals her secret but that's not why things go wrong.

Their Own World Ch. 02

Another sizzling hot moment with my Mom. Couldn't handle it.

Hot Moment with Mom Ch. 02

"What did you say you did with your panties?"

The Dance, chapter eight.

A horny mother's quest for ecstasy begins.

Scenes from the Amaranth Room 01

Zach helps an elderly lady and gets appreciated.

Zach and the Old Lady on the Bus

Mom and son punished for stealing from chic clothing store.

Strip Search Pt. 02

A brother's quest to discover a secret.

My Sister Wears Boxers? Pt. 01

Cassie and Hector discover more about themselves.

Cassie's Love Ch. 05

Daddy and Brandy get's a surprise visit from aunt Alexa.

The Blizzard

"I Like Girls Too, Lenn.y"

The Dance, Chapter seven

Juli is harassed when she goes to prom with her brother.

Prom Problems

Sister discovers Step Brother.


Cindy has Lusty thoughts for 1st Cousin, Alex.

Guilty of Lov'IN the First

A playful costume switch has unpredictable consequences.

A Mask of Intimacy

Daddy and daughter have the same feelings.

Daddy's Special Baby

Brother strokes sister the right way to make her want him.

Sister Slut Training Ch. 01

Sammy's irate mother pushes him to find work.

Amor Fabula Ep. 02

An elite sorority has a unique way to gain entrance.

Mom's Legacy

Final days in Mexico.

Jess was a Bitch Ch. 13

Son is strip searched after shopping with mom.

Strip Search

Crossdressing son and his mom connect after her break up.

Sicily's Lesbian Son

Athena has a nightmare so she finds comfort in Daddy.

Nightmare with Daddy

Who pleasures Angel?

Night Visitor

A young woman needs her Daddy's help with a personal dilemma.

Special Relief

This is for my fellow ladies with a Daddy fantasy. 18YO

Sadie and Daddy: An Unexpected Love

young woman wants to know why she enjoys rough sex

The Subscriber Chapter I - Tell Me Everything Part I

"I've done it again darling, I've pissed on us both."

the dance chapter six

Grampa guides her out of her total innocence.

Becky Ch. 01: Innocence Undone

Aunt Lorraine confesses her desires.

Getting to Know Aunt Lorraine Ch. 02

Emily loses her anal virginity to her brother.

Emily's First Anal

A mother confesses.

Jan's Tale

Nikki writes to tell Beth about her fun with her Father.

Letters to Beth Ch. 01

I accidentally flashed my niece when she came over to clean.

My Niece, The Cleaning Lady

The Storm Continues.

Mandy and Me Ch. 25

It's only been a few months since James enslaved his sister.

My Sister, My Slave

Adele continues to experience incest with her step brother.

Adele, A Coed Story Ch. 02

A gift with consequences.

Mother's Day Pt. 01

Jenny returns to the family home...

Rejoining the Family

A photographer father and his three, unique daughters

Picture Perfect Ch. 1-3

That's NOT What I expected...

Elizabeth (Part 3)

young woman wants to know why she enjoys rough sex

The Subcriber Chapter I - Tell Me Everything Part I

George's ghost haunts Christopher.

Nude Day Family Celebration Ch. 05

MILF gangbanged at nephew's bachelor party.

Suburban Mommy Slut

«A snooping mother makes a Discovery about her daughter»

Mothers Just Want To See There Daughters Succeed

«Henry gets quite a shock when a girl volunters to join his Mother Fuckign Club, offering up her mother to be fucked hard!»

Mind Controlled Mothers Club Chapter 3: Naughty Daughter Joins the Club

«Now, lay down and your son is going to lick your dirty wet pussy'»

Mom Needs to Pay the Bills

«A brother, in town on business, stays in his sister's spare bedroom - for the 1st night that is.»

The Visit

«Melody goes forward with her plan to help Becky lose her virginity as publicly as possible!»

Public Incestuous Passion 3 - Sisters' Naughty Display

«One man and two young women who are the same person.»


«Brenda and her brother, Ryan, find themselves in the beginning of making a deal.»

I Hate Sneezing Ch. 2

A guy and his aunt enjoy each others company after a dip.

Lunch with Aunt Ellie

«After witnessing her mother with the family dog, the daughter decides to see just how far she can push her father»

The Chico Tales - Ch 3 - Chico's choices

I see him looking at her.

Looking at Him

Scott's father dies and bequeaths his wife to his son.

Bequeathed by Proxy

Wife has plans for a closer family, involving her daughter.

Morning Surprise

Two siblings find a way to cope with their childhood rivalry.

Vicky & Me: Thicker Than Water

A daughter uses her body to get a new car from her dad.

Father and Daughter: Lara and Fred

Son discovers what his mother actually does at work.

Home Shopping

Jamie plans his split with Gabi, but an egg gets in the way.

Little Sis Ch. 05

I don’t know how it happened – it just did!

My Son

Mike is finally invited to his girlfriend's home.

Meeting the Family 1

Swim Team believes in Tradition and Family--as female family members shave the boys!

Waterbury Hills High School - Swim Team Traditions

eat me

The Dance, chapter five

Fun with dad

Two for One

Kevin teaches his mom skin on skin is best.

Skin on Skin

Uncle and his drunken niece.

Holly and her Uncle Pt. 01

6 Pages: Danny & the girls take the fun upstairs.

What Happens Tomorrow? #02

Mother likes being son's dome.

Mother Says...

Step-bother gives in to step-sister's sadistic temptations.

Forbidden Fruits

Isolated mother and son want to satisfy each other.

She Wonders Ch. 02

A daughter discovers the reason for father's monthly trips.

Father, Wolf, Lover

Jane shares her Kentucky hillbilly experiences with me.

Mom & Me Ch. 20

The young king finally marries his mother.

The New King Ch. 06 - Wedding

Son returns in the light of day.

Night Visits Ch. 03

A Story About a conservative Pakistani mother and her Son.

Me and My Pakistani Mother's Boyfriend

Aunt Lorraine changes everything.

Getting to Know Aunt Lorraine Ch. 01

Mandy was desperate to get pregnant again.


Incest continues with Mom and wild sister.

My Shattered Mom Pt. 02

Wedding night religious ritual becomes perverted yet sacred.

Nude Marriage

Ruth becomes pregnant; Kelly obtains evidence; Kendall plots.

Keeping It in the Family Ch. 03

Judge and family go on a special retreat.

The Retreat Ch. 00-01

Husband finds out who his wife is having sex with.

My Family Pt. 01

You can lick every drop off my naked body

The Dance, chapter four

How does Kate really feel when she comes in the door?

Rose's Video: Chapter 2: Lil and Rose Get Busted

«After I finished unloading, Becky let my cock go and opened her mouth to show me my load before swallowing it and then opening to prove to me she did.»


«Jonathan continues to think back to his travels, this time remembering a very hot sexual encounter with 2 German cousins.»

A Traveler's Tale - chapter 2: The German cousins

I kiss cousin's feet in a game of truth or dare.

My Cousin's Feet

Love, sex, exhibitionism and real estate. The usual.

Queen of Heaven Ch. 10

Billy and Neil get it on.

Billy Can't Get Enough Pt. 02

Son needs to cum in her mouth-- urgently!

Cum Research with Mom

Son is caught visiting mom in the night.

Night Visits Ch. 02

A father spends more time with his daughter in law.

My Daughter in Law Pt. 03

Husband no longer performing, she takes notice of her son.

She Wonders Ch. 01

We'll film it for the site

The Dance, Chapter three

Mother has nocturnal visitor.

Night Visits Ch. 01

A college girl comes home to her family situation.

Adele, A Coed Story Ch. 01

«a guy gets lucky in the wood then a few months later everything changes»

unlucky encounter

«Daddy starts to take my journey further»

I love you playing with daddy 3

It should have been my boyfriend.

Sister slave

How does life go on for the three siblings?

Sweet Breastfeeding Sister Pt. 02

Back at School, Another Friend, BIG mistake may cost Barb.

A Twin Desire Ch. 06

Final chapter of the series about the band.

Love Ain't Nothin' But Trouble Ch. 05

Dr. Bernice and her daughters fucked by her Son.

Doctor's Incestuous Family

A family camping trip turns into something very special.

The Camping Trip

Your dad used to like to get in with me

The Dance chapter two

And fortunately for Sarah... so does her son.

Mom Likes it Rough

Is this the end?

Snowed In for My birthday! Pt. 03

Surprised guests may turn Nude Day into a bang or a bust.

Nude Day Family Celebration Ch. 04

Mary is anxiously waiting for her son to return to her.

Mother and Son Reunion

The final chapter of Benjamin and Kaitlin's exciting story!

A Sibling Survival Story Ch. 07

A mother tries an innovative method of persuasion.

Mother's Touch is Best

After many years brother and sister finally get together.

A Sister's Desire Finally Fulfilled

The spawning begins.

Sex in the Sea Ch. 01

Eric spends some quality time with his sister, Lucy.

Eric and Aly Ch. 03 - Melancholy

Brother and sister have fun.

Brother and Sister Go for a Cruise

It was Beautiful, Lenny

The Dance

A box of condoms is a cruel gift for a virgin brother.

The Gag Gift

Jilted daughter moves in with dad.


Son's persistence pays off.

Mad for Mom!

More sex with Mom and Kristin's backstory.

Convoluted Tale Ch. 03

Joint Resolution: alliance is made and lines are drawn.

Mothers' Day Weekend Ch. 06

Mark's wife's cousins have benefits. It's complicated.

Cousins with Benefits

Amy has a little fun with her stepbrother.

Corrupting Secrets Ch. 03

Knowing what's to come in the silence before the storm.

A Lifetime Kink Ch. 12

Getting to know my nephew at my sister's wedding.

Getting to Know My Nephew Ch. 01

Things get interesting, and a story is told.

A "Bad" Day: Day 03

John and Rusty's sex romp with Rusty's mom but with a twist.

My Friend Rusty Pt. 02

The Aunts come together.

The Aunts Ep. 04: Ella's Awakening

Artistic sister and caring brother fall for one another.

While the Paint Dries

Two young lads lose their virginity at a sleepover

The Sleepover

Marge is devoured at M & D party.

At the Book Festival Ch. 02

Sue is rewarded with some time in charge.

Life with Mother-In-Law Ch. 03

Simon begins his plot to destroy Melody once and for all.

A Family Destroyed Ch. 03

Jen's boyfriend cheats & Uncle Harry is ready to console her.

My Uncle Comes on Sundays Pt. 03

Two friends conspire to fuck one's mother.

My Friend Rusty Pt. 01

Ladies night has a big surprise.

Learning About Susan Ch. 02

Having sex with daddy.


Mel in the Middle: big sister bridges the gap.

Mothers' Day Weekend Ch. 05

7 Pages: A young man celebrates with his sisters & cousins.

What Happens Tomorrow? #01

Young king makes his decision on marrying mom, aunt or sister.

The New King Ch. 05 - Decision

Dad gets the green light to satisfy daughter's needs.

Family Friendly Ch. 03

More features discovered as a threat looms.

Mind_Hack.exe Ch. 03

Lucy uses Daddy's cock while he sleeps.

Daddy, Fuck My Tight Young Cunt

A daddy lusts after his 18 year old step-daughter.

Secret Crush

A full-blown incestuous affair ensues when I continue to play with my son's willy.

The Penis Problem - Pt. 02

Teen lingerie salesgirl expands Karin's horizons.

Sweet Sister in Law Ch. 03

Sensuous New Staff at PRISM, and a Permanent Solution.

The Uncommon Artist

A young girl gets in touch with her origins.

A Lost Daughter Ch. 01

Caught by my Aunt Joanie.

Steve Stevie Steven Ch. 05

Mom discovers daughter's hidden desires.

Family Friendly Ch. 02

Romantic story of mom and son falling in love.

Eager Beaver Ch. 04

Her first encounter with cock.

My Wife and Her Randy Old Uncle

Visits NYC, has 3-sum with Candy then makes love to sister.

Sisterly Love Ch. 19

Will Diana's sister, mother, and grandmother agree to strip?

Nude Day Family Celebration Ch. 03

A government conspiracy, a secret, and a forbidden romance.

Out on the Ranch

Letting the twins go means getting loved even deeper

Talk to Me (The Winner, Part II)

Mom's having her fun.

Mom's Folly

Olivia & Marcella flirt with disaster.

Favela Pt. 03

Sharing on the weekend.

Family Togetherness

Dad / Son.

Dad's Boy Ch. 03

Wake Up Call: an alarming new arrival appears.

Mothers' Day Weekend Ch. 04

Stevie indulges in foreplay with her son.

A Lifetime Kink Ch. 11

A conversation with Jasmine's mom.

Steve Stevie Steven Ch. 04

I'm happy to lend a hand when I find my son has an embarrassing penis problem

The Penis Problem

Kira got her name from a Porn Star and lives up to her name.

Kira Sampson Dream Girl

Thrill Seekers.

Lesbian Bitch Ch. 07

Two lover moms expanding the circle of their incest love.

Lusty Bitchs Moms & Slut Girls Ch. 06

A strange old book leads to a strange night...

The Book - Mom-Dolls Ch. 01

19-year-old adopted daughter wants sex with adoptive dad.

The Way I Feel

Mandy makes a discovery and hatches a plan.

Seducing Mom & Dad Ch. 01: Mandy & Davey

The family's troubles escalate.

The Best Therapist - The 5th Commandment Pt. 03

5 Pages: Holly, Alex, & Mom indulge in sex & drugs & sex.

Therapy Interrupted #02

A brother and sister go beyond being siblings.

Picture Perfect Ch. 01

The Revelation. An incest story helped us to find our own.

The Forbidden Venture Ch. 01

Linda has a big decision to make.

A Love Like Ours Ch. 02

Mom with curves gets used at the mall and other places.

Mom's Curves Ch. 02

Jasmin and Carl's outdoor fun!!

Fun on the Allotment Ch. 01

Mom gets the workout she craves.

Family Friendly Ch. 01

Brother and sister practice on one another. (1100 words)

Practice Makes Perfect

Confrontation with mom.

Steve Stevie Steven Ch. 03

He went down on me, baby

Inseperable Siblings Chapter two

Great day of shopping and sex

An afternoon with mom

Daughter returns to take advantage of drunken parents.

The Kiss Pt. 02

Two lover moms expanding the circle of their incest love.

Lusty Bitchs Moms & Slut Girls Ch. 05

In a move certain secrets are revealed.

A Bumpy Ride vs. A Hard Cock

This family holds a dark secret and legacy.

Blood Passion Ch. 01

What better way to start the day?

Microchips Ch. 03

Daughter takes advantage of tipsy mom.

The Kiss Pt. 01

Mom surprises daughter at a friend's house.

The Pool

Two lover moms expanding the circle of their incest love.

Lusty Bitchs Moms & Slut Girls Ch. 04

Family rekindling on return from Cains vacation.

Miss Feel Good Pt. 09

Son cums down his mom's throat.

Brushing Mothers Hair

Mom forced to fuck son because she cant make money...

Mom Needs to Pay the Bills

Give me Every Fucking Inch of It

Inseperable Siblings

Emma finally gets to make her move on move out day

Emma's Road Trip

Marge gets done by mom/daughter duo.

At the Book Festival Ch. 01

My girlfriend stays for the weekend.

Steve Stevie Steven Ch. 02

For women who want to be bred by daddy.

Daddy's Breeding Instructions

Her wish comes true from an unexpected source.

A Granted Wish

Terry's surprise first time and a bigger surprise, who.

Oh Mrs Scott

The art of giving massages.

Miss Feel Good Pt. 08

Poking The Bear.

Returning Home Ch. 02

Amanda, Catherine and Kate.

Lola and Joey Ch. 19

Two lover moms expanding the circle of their incest love.

Lusty Bitchs Moms & Slut Girls Ch. 03

Mother gets 5 BBC as well as her son.

My Mom is a Star Pt. 02

I couldn't resist watching my aunt masturbate...

Spying on Aunt Helen

The story continues.

Daughter Joins the Fun Ch. 02

Mother and son and his wife enjoy each other.

My Mature Mom Ch. 02

Action story with a little sex, part 2 to Marching Out

Marching Out Ch. 02

Mom's nightmare.

Mom's Surprise Birthday Party Ch. 04

Hard worker is rewarded with boss and her virgin daughter.

Take Your Daughter to Work Day

Ben & his mommy become incestuous maniacs.

Mommy's Nymphomania Ch. 02

Lori's Story Part 2: Family Meetings And Travel Plans...

In Love with Lori Ch. 07 Pt. 01

Home for the nasty sister's wedding.

Hot-hot Sister-in-Law

The first day of the rest of my life.

Steve Stevie Steven Ch. 01

I canTaste Pussy

Sibling Lovers Chapter three, and Final

It was obvious – there was only one solution.

It Was Obvious, Really!

incest stories in April