incest Stories in February 2018

Today was like every other day. I got up. I went out and got a cup of coffee that the wife left on for me when she went to work. I sat down in my favorite chair to drink it. I turned on the laptop and was waiting for it to load while sipping on the coffee. This seemed to be my routine every day. Nothing different. I grabbed my phone to check Facebook and Snapchat messages. Then it happened....Read On

Today was like every other day.

Dad spies on his daughter masturbating and discovers more about himself than his daughter.

Watching My Daughter

Things come to a head.

Rudra and Riya Ch. 04

Daisy goes home.

Daisy's Disgrace Pt. 39

How do you move on from that? Caught by surprise again.

It's All So Natural with Mom Ch. 02

Brother cums to enjoy w/end with step-sis and lesbian lover.

Little Sis Ch. 03

My MIL becomes my bitch. Was it my idea or hers?

Taking My Mother in Law

Lesbian sister incest, featuring futanari and menage!

A Sister's Love

Howie takes 1st Step to becoming an Escort to MILFs.

Sisterly Love Ch. 16

A father struggles with, then gives in to, his desire.

How Do You Seduce Your Daughter?

Half siblings become lovers.

Brother Taboo Series: My Teacher

A son brings his father's writings to life.

From Fiction to Fact

Max returns home for Thanksgiving and deals with aftermath.

Thanksgiving Addiction Cure

«A single father finds his daughter working at a live sex club.»

Jade - Part 2

«A father loves to watch his daughter having sex»

Fathers Club Chapter 5

«A father discovers his daughter loves to have sex»

Emma at the Park chapter 5

Steamy, descriptive incest story. Enjoy.

Grandma's Valentine(s)

To understand how this happened, you had to know Mom.

It's All So Natural with Mom Ch. 01

Red bonds further with her mother. Thomas is hospitalized.

The Wolf's Secret Pt. 02

Jenna confronts her middle son.

Movie Star Mom Ch. 02

Harsh lusts return when devoutly religious girl goes home.


A womanizer has the tables turned on him at a wedding.

The Wedding Belle

Father and son have some fun by the pool.

It Runs in the Family Ch. 05

Concluding Chapter. Independence Day Picnic events.

The Substitute Ch. 05

Today we turn the tables on my Sister-in-Law.

Sister-in-law Comes to Stay Ch. 03

Jan sees his older sister in a different view.

Obsession - Sister

Can everyone finally get on the same page?

Mom & Dad Have a Kinky Side Pt. 04

A Sweeping New Tale of a New Breed of Vampires.

The Afflicted

Discreet bondage at a party (and then we get caught).

Olivia's Hypnotic Confession Ch. 05

Surprised brother takes advantage of slut sister.

Taboo Party Payback

«A father discovers his daughter loves to have sex»

Emma at the Park chapter 1

«Can a virgin dream of sex? Do your wet dreams come true?»

The Tabatha Diaries - Ch 1

«Parents rekindle their sexual past, with the help of their daughter and dad's special tutoring.»

The Alice Device (part 1)

«Oh...this is to much, I going a little crazy now…Oh My God!….I….oh baby Yesssssssssss!!!!! ‘»

Letting my Sister Fuck me

«"Cum all over me, from face to pussy, i've seen how much you can shoot, now throw it all over me."»

My Sister

«A father discovers his daughter loves to have sex»

Emma at the Park chapter 4

«A father discovers his daughter loves to have sex»

Emma at the Park chapter 3

«A single father goes to a live sex club and gets the surprise of his life»

Jade - Part 1

«A father discovers his daughter loves to have sex»

Emma at the Park chapter 2

Mom will never forget her 42nd Birthday.

Mom's Surprise Birthday Party

How my mother and I started our affair.

Mom Watched Me Cum

Daughter-in-law is taken by father-in-law.

Holiday Frustration Pt. 02

Brother's girlfriend leaves him horny, Sister takes over.

My Sister's Keeper Ch. 01

The family that fucks together expands a bit.

Family Friendly Ch. 02

She was in one of those moods.

What the Fuck

Mom wants to educate her son rightly.

A Lesson from Mom

Nicole and Derek get closer but the lure of incest is strong.

Strangers on a Plane Ch. 04

Gnny returns home to relieve herself.

The Valentine's Day Mascara Ch. 02

A son is sneaky enough to get what he wants.

Sneaking into My Mom

Back to the Grind.

Mandy and Me Ch. 23

MIL and son in law find a cure for the munchies, each other!

Under the Influence

Liz moves in with her father in skid row.

Father and Daughter

I want to make you scream again.

A Love For Life

«"Get in the fucking car" I ordered her.»

Me and my sister

«My sister needed money to take a European vacation so she became a part time prostitute.»

Earning Money

«A married couple enjoy having sex with their daughter»

Blackmailed Part 4

«A married couple enjoy having sex with their daughter»

Blackmailed Part 3

«A married couple enjoy having sex with their daughter»

Blackmailed Part 2

«A married couple enjoy having sex with their daughter»

Blackmailed Part 1

«Sam's siblings arrive and reveal a secret, which is too much for her to handle.»

My daughters turn me on (Part IV)

«Amber and Sam enjoy something new in the bathroom, and after breakfast Sam has to return a favor for her young daughter.»

My daughters turn me on (Part III)

«Lynn joins Joyce & Carol in satisfying Max»

Max is a freak pt 4

«“I’m going to come in your arse now Alice, Umff ummm ummfff fuck fuck fuck arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”»

Mother & Daughter

Daddy marks what's his.

A Baby Girl is Born Ch. 03

Jeromes tries to leave his family, but gets caught.

Jerome's Comeuppance Ch. 01

Beverly finds happyness

Beverly and Her Mother in Law

Storm wary siblings take refuge together again.


Trouble in Paradise.

Rudra and Riya Ch. 03

Daughter seduces father.

Family Friendly Ch. 01

How it all began with my brother's wife.

How It All Began

A sexual affair between a daughter and her father.

Lexi Classified Ch. 03

Fraternal twins hit a snag in their relationship...

Christmas Vacation Ch. 01

Paige learns how far she will go to uncover the truth.

The Painter's Daughter Ch. 03

Sister comes clean with brother.

A Sister's Seduction

«Studying with my cousin gets awkward when I stole a pair of her panties and was caught in the act.»

Study Time with Jessica (Part 1)

«Stacey pushed Bennet on his bed, quickly flinging her dress off. “You’re a smart guy. I think you knew this would happen eventually,” she grinned.»

Model Mom

«Megan thought… Oh damn Johnny, you feel so good in me, fuck me like I’ve wanted for so long now. I’ve never been fucked from behind before»

Mom hot body

«A father and daughter enjoy having sex with others»

Fathers Club Chapter 4

«John's sister, Megan, learned about jacking off from a friend at school. After school, Megan asks John about his experiences with jacking off. What follows is a wonderful learning experience for the both of them.»

Learning Together - John's Sister Teaches Him about Masturbation

Studying with my cousin Jessica gets very interesting.

Math Study with Jess Pt. 01

Whatever this turned out to be


Siblings New Year's Intrigue.

Page Ch. 08

Older brother and sister get some free time away.

Fraternal Twins Pt. 02

The four siblings continue with their discovery.

Cabin Fever Ch. 04

Housewife to Slave; back to me.

My Adventure Ch. 11

Dream on, young man. Dream on.

A Brief Holiday with Mother

Jake finds a home and more.

McKinley Manor Pt. 01

Steve and his friends get another lesson from Sarah.

Stamina Training for Son Ch. 02

Mary and Isabel bid Trotter good night; Jock wakes Mary.

The Substitute Ch. 04

Grandma leads grandson through the valley of lust . . .

Holly Rollin' Pt. 01

Saving mom by fucking her.

Saving Mom

«Willow lived alone with her father and the older she got, the more aware she became of him sensually. She wanted him in her bed so Willow turned to the only woman she knew who could teach her how to seduce a man without being obvious, his girlfriend.»

Seducing Her Father

«I can do a second part depending on how this one goes.»

The Daughter

«Arthur &Mom &Bev & Nina»

Arthur Dominates Mature Women

«"I'm cumming, too, mom..." he wheezed. "I'm about to..."»


«A young man seeks some extra love and support from his flirtatious and curvaceous aunt.»

Aunt You Beautiful

«Daniela Parkes is a normal fifteen year old girl, until a moment with her father forces them both to see each other in a whole new light.»

Untouchable: Chapter One

«With Haley in total control, things heat up.»

Creating a Monster ch3

«A father learns about his daughters desire for sex»

Fathers Club Chapter 3

«A father leans about his daughters desire for sex»

Fathers Club Chapter 2

«A father learns about his daughters desires for sex»

Fathers Club Chapter 1

«And just like before . . . I sort of struggled, but my goal was to keep rubbing my cock on my sister's sweet pussy.»

My hot Sister

«A second bounce in age, and this time in time too.»


Why do I keep doing this?

I Know It's Wrong - Part 4

For his birthday, mom gives son the ultimate gift.

My Mom is a Hot Mom Ch. 08

Seduction of a married woman.

Shobha' Affair

These girls do more than book club.

The Daughter Club Ch. 01

Daughter has lusted for Daddy for years.

Drunken Daughter Ch. 01

Sister thinks she's too fat; brother offers to take a look.

"My Chunky Sister"

Emily has an encounter with an older man.

Daddy's Perfect Fucktoy Pt. 04

She and her father are punished...

Pills Ch. 02

Nude Day Conclusion as the family goes to school!

The Nude Day Assignment Ch. 07

Penny is thrust back into her absent mother's life.

Yes Mommy...

Sister gets pricked twice.

Thorny Vines

Sister lets me see her big tits.

Married Sister's Big Tits

Mom and Brad tiptoe around their feelings...

Was It The "Wrong" Number? Ch. 04

I'm still a Virgin, Johnny

Losing my Virginity

A story about me and my family.

Maggie’s Family – Part 6

The afternoon and evening after Amber and I masturbated in front of each other

The Cabin Chapter 3

Family Stuff.

Me and Mont

Kelli is forced into perverted sex acts with her Dad.

Home Invasion

A girl turns 18 and discovers her brother and strangers.


Continued sex with mother and a new interloper.

Sex with Mother Pt. 02

Mom & aunt's bond grows closer... over Bryce's penis.

In Between Ch. 08: Birthday

Daughter teases & abuses dad. Poor guy.

Picture Perfect Ch. 08: Play

Son and Mom dominate Mom's submissive best friend.

"Mom-Son": Best Friend Threesome

Mary's father gets a confession; Her mother gets flowers.

The Substitute Ch. 03

Lisa visits a swingers club with her son.

A Night Out for Mom and Son

Dan falls in love marries his mother then her doppleganger.


Analingus with aunt Mono then Tantric sex with Sister.

Sisterly Love Ch. 15

Haylee is left alone with her brother for a month.

My Sister, My Control Ch. 01

I'm naked!

Meeting My Mother Chapter Three

Still grieving other her husband's recent death, Beth finds comfort in her son's sweet friend.

Finding Comfort In My Son's Friend (Part 2)

Abducted family is coerced to perform in an incest sex show.

Bad Medicine Chronicles Ch. 03

You don't know what you'll find until you look...

An activity that wasn't planned on our vacation

Becky disciplines her step-mum

Becky In Charge - Chapter Two

I'm the only light in Daddy's life. He proves it once I'm 18.

Daddy's Sunshine

«Illicit romance profoundly changes two lovers»

Aunt Jean

«A lonely night for mom, starts something interesting»

Creating a Monster ch1

Submit your themed tale for fame, fun, and a chance at cash prizes!

The Literotica Annual April Fools Day Story Contest!

Does she know about us?

Meeting My Mother - Chapter 2

Rudra and Riya is a continuation of my story Riya and Rudra.

Rudra and Riya Ch. 02

A sexual affair between a daughter and her father.

Lexi Classified Ch. 02

Daughter masturbates as father watches.


Tim and his mother had a normal relationship, until now...

A Strange Night

Can my sister and I behave at Christmas?

My Sister's Christmas Stockings

A stripper and her long-lost son are reunited...physically.

The Birthmark

Rob makes it a threesome for us.

Brother, Sister Look Up Ch. 04

Siblings confess and consummate their love for one another.

Big Brother Confesses to Little Sis

Older brother and sister get some free time away.

Fraternal Twins Pt. 01

Does she know about Us?

Meeting My Mother

«mom masturbates to her daughter showering, the youngest daughter uses her moms dildo, and finally a mom and daughter touch each other.»

My daughters turn me on (Part I)

«A mother and daughter flirt, and two sisters tease each other.»

My daughters turn me on (Introduction)

«She moaned “Oh Ryan, your cock is so big; it just fills me right up!”»

My Step Sister

«"Now you see the liquid coming out here? That is called pre-cum. It's a lubricant, so when his body thinks he's going to have sex, he gets lubricated. The tingling sensation you are having?»

My Sister

«Chapter 1 of The Shaylynn Chronicles.»

Shaylynn's First Time

«Chapter 2 of The Shaylynn Chronicles.»

Shaylynn Begs Daddy

«Dan pressed into her, craving tenderness. "When I was asked by her what I wanted for Christmas I told her I wanted her. When I was asked by her what I wanted for my birthday I told her the same thing." He was getting her shirt wet with his tears,»

Daughter in law 1-2(continuation)

«mother and daughter finally fuck»

My daughters turn me on (Part II)

A sexual affair between a daughter and her father.

Lexi Classified Ch. 01

Disabled aunt urges niece to let uncle be her lover.

Uncle's Comfort

A sister likes it kinky, and a pool party exposes everything.

Memoirs - The Harem Ch. 11

Breeding in the old south.

A Matter of Breeding

Anniversary sex, school sneaks, and a brand new penis.

Saga of Littown Ch. 10

Gloria gives everyone a scare.

Jess was a Bitch Ch. 08

Daddy wants his daughter to greet him at the airport naked.

The Airport

Tight volleyball uniform gets the best of Daddy.

Volleyball Daughter

Jason strengthens his role as master and gets a new home.

A Son Forced Pt. 06

Lindsey's got a crush on dad. Mom gives her permission.

Chickadee Ch. 01

How Maddy & Grandpa became lovers & parents of Gabby.

Grandpa Fills In the Gap: Prologue

Jane finds more than one dream comes true.

'Just' Jane Ch. 15

I enter my house as quietly as possible, removing my heels to lessen the noise. My curfew ended two hours earlier so there’s no doubt my mother and stepfather would give me an earful of how disappointed there were if they were still up. I walk up the stairs and freeze as I see my stepfather leaning against my bedroom door. I scan the hallway for a sign of my mother but she’s nowhere to be seen...Read On

Punish Me, Daddy - Chapter 1

«Charged with being a miracle woman, by her church, Besha looks to commiserate with a local woman who recently bore a miracle child.»

S.M.O.M.S. - The Origin, Ch. 3

«Wife shares her husband with her sister»

My Wife Shares Me With Family Ch. 01

«Your pussy is the prettiest I've ever seen." He said, standing at the foot of the bed. "Very neat and trim. If and when, I want you place it for me. A small indication you really want me to screw you. Can you do that for me?"»

Mothers Advise & Contest

«"Suck my nipples too," she whispered. "While you're touching me below. Suck my nipples at the same time. It's okay."»

Confinement with Mom

«A boys love for his mother. She means the word to him.»

I found love in mom

«Father and son bond over shared fantasies, and then make it a reality.»

Best Part of the Day

«A father finds out his daughter loves sex»

Father's and Daughters Chapter 4

«A father finds out his daughter loves sex»

Father's and Daughters Chapter 3

«A father finds out his daughter loves sex»

Father's and Daughters Chapter 2

«A father finds out his daughter loves sex»

Father's and Daughters Chapter 1

«A brother and sister are left all alone in the world and they find comfort in each other»

Siblings Chain Attraction Pt1

«Nathalie, a naughty virgin, leans oral delighs!»

The Rogue's Harem Book 1, Chapter 11: Virgin's Oral Fun

«The O'Donnell family is not your ordinary nudist family...»

Nudist Household - Chapter 2 - Evening Family Romp

«The O'Donnell family is not your ordinary family of nudists...»

Nudist Household - Chapter 1 - Introduction

«Our hero finds himself alone in a sterile Utopia...with an undercurrent of danger and death.....»

Needs a title

Mr. Trotter tutors Mary McGuinness in his home.

The Substitute Ch. 02

Family threesome.

Jennifer's Uncle Ch. 02

Watching her make herself cum wasn't enough.

Teaching Jenna to Come Ch. 02

If only Mom knew what I was thinking . . .

She Thinks, He Thinks

Steve whispered while staring at the hot blonde on her...

Mom's Here To Help!

Morning after partying with the girlfriend and her sisters.

Mid Morning Snack

Like mother like daughter, only moreso.

Bad Grandpa

Teenage son forcing mother and then using her for pleasure.

Sex with Mother Pt. 01

John finishes the threesome in spectacular fashion.

Happy Birthday Ch. 06

Magical retcons and love tested by adversity.

Saga of Littown Ch. 09

Jake and Debby together at the gala, will something happen?

My Mom and Sisters are my Nurses Ch. 03

A body hopper faces unforeseen consequences from his actions.

Shudder Ch. 06

A woman turns into her older brother's sex pet.

Brother Taboo Series: My Master

Welcome to the school of sex...

The Academy

A sexual affair between a daughter and her father.

Lexi Classified Ch. 00

Sister teases, brother loses control. Then his virginity.

Sister Didn't Want To, At First

Part 5 of the continuing saga of Jody and her daddy.

Daddy Helps Daughter Jody Ch. 05

A smitten professor writes a screen play for a porn actress.

The Civil War

John meets the perfect woman, but who is she really?

Femina Perfecta

Carol opens up about her daughter which leads to more.

Chatting with Carol

Love turns to family building.

Slow Developers Pt. 02

Jack and Lynn have a chance to reunite.

Wife, Best Friend . . . And Sister Ch. 02

A spanking a day keeps the misbehavior away!

Morning Ritual

I did something wrong and my brother has to punish me.

Spanked by My Brother

Siblings play a kinky card game.

Family Games

The orgy gets going for dad and teen daughter

Group fun for dad and daughter - part two

Mark eavesdrops on mom's phone call.

Ring of Truth 01

Aunt Jess learns it doesn't pay to lie.

Ring of Truth 02: Aunt Jess Learns

Mom visits son and his master.

My Son's Master

Abby and Betty share John's cock.

Happy Birthday Ch. 05

After discovering Dad and his girlfriend in bed...

Mom and I Get Even

Meeting the families, and an inevitable duel...

Mike & Karen Ch. 02

Mom and I do it where we might get caught. Do we?

Mom's an Anal Slut

A young man seeks help with his demons.

Head Doctor

Nuclear apocalypse? Siblings ponder procreating together.

"Sister Apocalypse"

The surprising weekend continues.

Convention Weekend with Mom Pt. 02

A Family is reunited preparing for additions.

Viral Pt. 04

Todd and Celcia give their mom a show to remember, but Celcia just doesn't know about it.

Giving Our Mom A Sexy Show

A BJ a day keeps the doctor away

BJ Therapy

A bored Mother visits her son who is away at University.

Visiting Her Son At University.

Finds his naked mother drunk and his friend persuades him to.

Drunken Mum on Her Bed

Jennifer Conner ponders her future.

The Conner Family Ch. 09

Salsa dancing with mother in law leads to more.

Salsa Dancing with My Mother in Law

Twins struggling with insecurity over physical development.

Slow Developers Pt. 01

I spend a summer getting close to my aunt and cousin.

Always Expect the Unexpected

A normal day turns into a nightmare for big sister Kara.

Family Problems Ch. 01

His mom can't wait to fuck his small cock.

I've Finally Caught You, My Son!

Welcome to Camp Bare Rump.

Strawter Family does Incest Porn Ch. 03

Lisa wants a grown-up date with Daddy for Valentine's Day.

Lisa & Daddy Ch. 01: Valentine's Date

Dad accidentally fucks daughter in the ass... Oops?

Picture Perfect Ch. 07: Paid in Full

Widow becomes enamoured of her Nephew.

Back in the Saddle

Paige volunteers to be her father's interim art model.

The Painter's Daughter Ch. 02

Step Dad and step daughter continue their affair.

How Not to Save a Marriage

Family learns they have a desire for incest.

Playing House

Handsome grandson finds love incest.

Vacation with Nan from Military

A dance a little sexy done as a joke turns into pure sex.

Mom Makes a Lap Dance for Her Son

My Mom and Sister decide to drop in unexpectedly...


A father and son have fun away from home.

While the Cats Are Away...

Niece helps uncle repair a truck.

Fixing Truck with My Little Niece

A story about me and my family.

Maggie’s Family – Part 5

Frank takes his stepdaughter's virginity

Filthy Frank

«A young writer asks his sister to read his story.»

"Magic Words"

I blew him while his GF slept next to us.

Olivia's Hypnotic Confession Ch. 04

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