oral Stories in November 2018

«being dared by her boyfriend»

A Dare for Jen

«A note leads to deception»

Sally Decieved

«a family favour turns to seduction and pleasure»

Aunties house guest

«Memories bring more than fondness back»

Reunted with brother

«divorce leads to leisure the pleasure for one woman»

Encounter at the cove

A short story for a long weekend

A Hotwife's Excellent Thansgiving

«Based on true events»

The Little Girl Who Thinks Differently

Desdemona was not normal, not when it came to sex.

The Giantess

A writer encounters an unknown entity in the woods... or did she?

The Monster in My Dreams

"Just put it in," she insisted.

Pat meets Peter part 2

«Tasha is ravaged by her dog, during a live broadcast of her webcam show»

Tasha's webcam show

«A college girl's crush finally notices her»

Meeting Hera

«Mrs. Umayyah's whorish behavior is unmasked! Her husband knows just how to punish the slut while her daughter watches!»

Daughter's Slut Trainign 14: Mommy's Naughty Punishment

«A young man's relationship with his neighbour changes drastically as she struggles through her husband's infidelity.»

My Neighbor Emily

«Elven traveler Eshenesra bites of a bit more than she can chew when she decides to rid a town of their monster problem»

The Elf Ranger and the Wolf

«When your hot best friend asks you to come around to hang out you don't ask silly questions like, "Am I going to end up with a dick inside me again?", no, you just go around, like a good friend!»

Best Friends

«Ash finally meets Laura's niece, Amy, and she's nothing like he expected.»

Southern Hospitality Ch.04

«Nineteen year old Taylor, catches the furnace repairman in her bedroom secretly sniffing a pair of her dirty panties.»

Taylor catches Repairman sniffing her dirty panties

A transvestite's alluring dress leads to unexpected consequences.

The Skimpy Red Dress

It is really strange how a chance meeting can lead to a life-changing experience…


«Mado starts his ugly hunting/breeding task, and the first victim is down, then the woman of his dreams soon followed!»

Horrors combined - Ch. 02 - The hunting

«Brother, sister, and Aunt share things among themselves that are seldom shared between family members.»

Family Fun

Chrissy and her roommate discover the thrills two women can create for each other.

Chrissy and Lacie: Their bisexual awakening

The woman delivering groceries finds a little something special waiting for her arrival.

Grocery Delivery

My sexual erotic fantasy for all of you office guys to make your day a little less boring.

Office Seduction

The ‘fantastic seven’ finally become a unit…

Back Then: Part Two

Sharing a sensuous morning with my sexy lover.

Morning Seduction

Memories of first times...

Remembrances: Scent of Cindy

Two years is too long

Two Years

Melissa was oblivious to the emergency as she masturbated on the bed.

A Very Naughty Girl – Causes a Fire!

I torture Katyuska in a different way while teaching Vera to deepthroat

LEP Ch03: SupaNova Part 1

The Hollywood Madam was not his type, but business was business.

Lenny's Roots - Chapter 8

A dark fantasy becomes reality just in time for the holidays.

A religious mom’s twisted story

Ryan wakes with a raging hard-on. How will he satisfy his need for pussy? Mmm There's always . . .

That Morning With My Step-Sister and Her Friend.

The woman delivering groceries finds a little something special waiting for her arrival.

Grocery Delivery

Oh how just a few hours can change one person's life.

New Found Home Pt. 2

A business trip to New Orleans turned into a weekend of unexpected pleasure.

Weekend of Pleasure

Halloween.. the official way to be a whore.

Naughty Spirits of Halloween

She's tiny. He's huge. It could never work.

The Waif and the Wall

My wife makes me perform oral sex on her friends

Paying lip service

Giving an interview to a podcaster, my submissive girlfriend Novella makes sure I'll get the treatme

The Interview Between My Legs

Offered his chance at redemption by the promise of a muse, will Harry take it?

The Last Bookshop - Omega and Alpha

A business trip to New Orleans turned into a weekend of unexpected pleasure.


A traveler is delayed by a truck smash and finds a truck stop for coffee.

The Waitress Serves Up A Tasty Dish

The party continues with anal gang bangs and a triple airtight.

The Wives' Initiation Orgy - Part Four

Sure, what goes around comes around, but why can't apply to the good things in life?

What are the Chances?

«Mike uses his MC gift to warm up an already hot evening. Using the route he travels daily to walk his dogs, he overhears that three young high school girls will be unchaperoned that evening and a night time pontoon trip and afterwards more than satisfies his carnal cravings.»

MC Pontooning

A short coach trip with Jack and Dave provides some sexy fun on the journey

Coach Trip with Jack and Dave

«Debby and I my intercourse for the first time about a month ago. She is now at college and her birthday is coming up. She has decided to spend it with friends.»

My Debby - Birthday presents

«The final futas square off to determine which side will win: Summer or Winter!»

The Futa Fairy - Futa Fairies' Naughty Game Chapter 9: Officer Cindy & Deidre's Hot Menage

«A total stranger teaches Katie and Ted how to sexually satisfy each other by fucking Katie for a whole week. REVISED from Katie's Sexual Awakening chps 1 - 8»

Katie and Ted, and a stranger

«Leyla's brother arranges for a massive gangbang!»

Daughter's Slut Trainign 13: Sister Gets Gangbanged

«When they were 18, Jeff and Jenny were the love of each other's lives, but then Jenny broke up with him, once he went away to college. after failed marriages for both, and 30 years time, Jeff comes home again and finds his one true love.»

Who Says you can’t go Home

«My first real experience with a woman. I still wonder who enjoyed more? Read the story and comment if you understand who wanted it more.»

My First Mate

Chelsay firmly latches onto my arm using me for balance as we leave the bar laughing, her heels clicking along the sidewalk. “I stayed up in the tree for like eight whole… freaking… hours! I was just too scared to jump down. Can you believe that?” Chelsay massages my forearm as we both chuckle. “And years later I had to laugh because when I went back to that tree it was only like three feet...Read On

Dark Alley

The Vegas trip had made me more valuable to my boss and the firm. After another promotion as a Wall Street stock analyst, I was home for Thanksgiving. I asked about Cicely, not mentioning that I had met Mila. Mom wasn't likely to understand that her niece was a stripper, a sometimes porn star, and maybe more. Tracking down Cicely turned out to be easier than I thought. My mom said Cici was,...Read On

Cousin Cici: Part Two

The two girls were almost identical but their needs for sex were not similar at all.

Lenny's Roots Chapter 7

Young carpenter wearing thin nylon short shorts, no underwear, no shirt

Sunroom Construction Job

Vera learns how a typical day at Katyuska's new job goes

LEP Ch02: Vera's Contract

At fourteen, I was far too young for my mom's twenty-one year old server. Jake and I knew this, and agreed friends was all that we were allowed to be for the time. The friendship would end though, and we would lose touch. Why did it end? Scribbling my name with his last name on my notebook was cute, until mom found out. Just like that, my mom left her job to go to a new company, and deleted...Read On

Forbidden Fruit: When the Fruit Becomes Legal

Allie meets a flight attendant and sparks fly.

The Attendant

Who knew that a loan would take so much effort?

Befriending the Banker

Katyuska is coerced into signing her body into sexual servitude

LEP Ch01: Taming Katyuska

A night of rough and tumble sex with an online friend.

An Evening Where Anything Goes

«In the future, a daughter becomes very interested in her mother's new sex machine, with unexpected results. A rewrite of Mother's Little Helper with a sci-fi setting.»

Mother's Future Helper

«Boredom in the house»

Another Day of Chores

«continued confinement through injury»

Secret Lives (Pt 2)

As a middle-aged couple continues BDSM and sex lessons they learn the true meaning of submission

Increasing Desire: Chapter 4 – Continuing Education

Bi-curious Billy had a dark secret. He loved picking up guys at urinals…

The Lure

«Josh has his passion for hairy women, who knew that his boss would help him realize his fantasy....»

Caught Red Handed

«a night out clubbing changes things»

Sister Fun (Pt1)

Glyn gets smothered by ‘hot chocolate,’ in an interracial gangbang…

Hot Chocolate

Harry's world crashes down around him, can he find a way out and find the muse?

The Last Bookshop - The Muse

Skull-fucked by my skanky straight roommate at college…


«Mom was 46 years old but still quite attractive. She had put on a few pounds but not much. Her ass was a little bit bigger than it used to be, but then again so were her tits. I would often catch my friends checking her out when they thought I wasn't looking.»

Mom's Dirty Dancing

«Nancy and Paul meet a new couple to play with.»

Chapter 10: Iris and Gary (Nancy Series)

«A 10-Part story about a son's fantasy, a mother's betrayal, and a secret that the two would share.»

My Mom's Secret, Part 5: Our New Friend

«Tony and Sarah have elected to use the bus stop enclosure to commit daily acts of touching and oral excitement . . . all within sight of Mike a voyeur who truly gets off on their antics. What happens when Mike makes several major steps towards hearing and viewing them much more closely.»

Bus Stop Delight

«Two step Gang up on thier new dad»

My Step- Daughters

«After their mom catches them in the act, Laurie and Tom Baker turn to their twisted friend, Eleanor, to resolve the problem. It predictably backfires.»

Well, That Backfired 2

«Leyla has a hot threesome with with a sexy daughter and her hunky daddy while Mrs. Umayyah continues to enjoy her wild time with her young stud!»

Daughter's Slut Trainign 12: Daughter's Slutty Fun

«A criagslist post leads to an amazing event»

An Unexpected Ending

«A criagslist post leads to an amazing event»

An Unexpected Ending

Roxanne and her pet spend an evening at a dungeon.

Mistress Ashley Meets Her Match Part 3

«On a trip with my Father to visit my Grandmother in the hospital, I am seduced by my Cousin and lose my virginity.»

I lost my virginity to my Cousin, Sandy

«the meeting between all involved and the start of Anna's real education»

Educating Anna (Part 4)

«a slip between lovers/friends»

Educating Anna (Part 3)

«It's Kimmy's big night with her daddy, and Leyla's there to watch all the cherry-popping fun!»

Daughter's Slut Training 11: Watching Daughter Pop Her Cherry

«Neighborhood voyeur realizes a young high school couple uses a bus stop to experiment in on a daily basis.»

Bus Stop Excitement

«Tips for mothers from a controversial therapist.»

Tips from Dr. Janice

«Nineteen year old Taylor, catches the furnace repairman in her bedroom secretly sniffing a pair of her dirty panties.»

Panty sniffing Repairman

«Upset customer makes store manager please her»

The Night Manager

«A Halloween treat, Willow and Louise see who can seduce Willow's former teacher first...»

Lost Time Ch.03

«At a teenage girls' party, Rachel's life is changed forever, thanks to a miraculous pubic shaver.»

Rachel's Shaved Pussy chapter 1

«Latent sexual desires to come pouring out all at once when an inexperienced young teacher responding to her underlying lust and a sexually advanced teenager come together.»

Teacher’s Pet…..Homework

«My sister-in-law has been driving me crazy for two years. I finally get a what I've been dreaming about!»

Love My Sis (In-Law)

«A pilot has a lot of time to kill on an over night flight. He chooses to spend his time wisely.»

Pilot in the Cock Pit

«sorry for the delay from one story to the next not a great writer takes me a while to write and remember the events. thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy.»

our swinging begins part 3

«A college RA has a lucky encounter and makes the most of it»

Dorm Room Love

«Keily uses her mouth and pussy to distract Becca so Deidre can escape!»

The Futa Fairy - Futa Fairies' Naughty Game Chapter 7: Becca & Keily's Futa Fun

«Things heat up as the rakshasa and her heart plot to seize the throne!»

The Rakshasa's Heart 3: The Rakshasa's Whip

Emma and Pete are a happily married couple, I just helped them become a little – happier.

If I Can’t Fuck Her – I’ll Fuck Him

When a mother and her son's friend discuss their mutual admiration for each others finest attributes

Mutual Admiration

A fictional fantasy based on true characters.

A Day In The Life... Of My Wife! (Part 2)

Lucy uses hypnosis to adjust her boyfriend's sex drive


Glyn gets smothered by ‘hot chocolate,’ in an interracial gangbang…

Hot Chocolate

A man is taught the finer art of cunnilingus...

Lessons Taught, Lessons Learned

My summer of experimentation comes to an end

My Girlfriend's Dad: Last Chapter

Glyn gets smothered by ‘hot chocolate,’ in an interracial gangbang…

Hot Chocolate

An evening of total ecstasy and sexual bliss - enjoyed by two lovers in the fullest extent of pleasu

My First Time as a Porn Moviemaker…

First meeting

In The Forest

Jackie and Jill both looked identical when they were naked, only one's pointed tongue was a clue.

Lenny's Roots Chapter 6

James discovers that he is very special... and very desired.

Donor X

Erik and Mariann make their clients' sexual fantasy a reality and video it.

A Pornographer's Tale: The Mallorcan Commission

Stephanie discusses a day in the life of – her breasts.

A Day In The Life Of…

The two men show their wedding night artist how they would like to be painted.

The Paint Job (Part 2)

I take control of my sub by making her ride my face

Ride My Face

The adventure continues.

Caught - Round Two

I go on the prowl in my local supermarket

Sunday Afternoon Fuck

A jogger falls into the horny clutches of a homeless duo…

Jogger's Dilemma

As I rode the elevator to the girls room a million questions crossed my mind. First and foremost was what am I doing? I had just received the greatest blow job in the world from a lovely female dress as a harem dance. The fact that I was sitting in a booth in a nightclub and her friend was watching intensified the feeling. As one of the stunning ladies worked on my cock her friend kissed...Read On

Another Halloween Party. Part 2

The three of us twisted and turned arousing passions hotter than the fires of hell.

My Sweet Sociopath

The postman always rings thrice…

Bedtime Stories

A surprise at work opens a new door for Seth and Liz

Open Door

Tessa enjoys the softer pleasures of her day

The Quiet Pleasures of Miss Tessa Malone

My night with Chase continues and It's another first for me

It Turns Out Some Of Those Letters Must Have Been True After All... Part VI

Helene's all night gang bang.

Ferry Couple 3 - Helene's Gang Bang

Secretly wearing panties while sex with wife

Sex With Wife Who Doesn’t Know

The meeting of two TV friends and future lovers.

A Meeting of TV Girlfriends - Part 1

Ramon reported that Lenny had taken one in the head and two in the chest.. final curtain.

Lenny's Roots Chapter 5

Carol's vacation in Cabo comes to an end.

Fun in Cabo Part 5

I managed to control my temper when the program director informed me that I would be making a personal appearance to function as an emcee for a Halloween bash. I thought my promotion to full time air personality would change things. I was wrong. Now, before I could launch into my rant my boss informed me that this was a costume party at the popular nightclub that was located inside of...Read On

Another Halloween Party Part 1

If our heroes deviate from the norm, should we accept them for what they are?

Getting Hot in the Fire House

As the finale to Chapter Thirty-Six nears, Harry cannot resist this deviant encounter.

The Last Bookshop - The Perfect Whore Part II

oral stories in October