oral Stories in December 2018

First of all, let's get something straight. This was all a mistake. Anyway, when I was four years old my parents divorced and I went with my mother. I had no idea what happened to my father, but they apparently parted amicably with the stipulation that there would be no contact with my father, ever again. For me, or for my mother. So Mom and I started our new life together. She was...Read On

The First Time Was a Mistake

"Come on Peter, you'll enjoy it, you can do anyting you like to me."

Pat Meets Peter Part 3

«When the Prince needs to grow into his manhood, what better way than having him spend the night with beautiful women? Should probably have vetted them first, though...»

Gifted Courtesan's

«Jim meets the girl of his dreams, but is shocked when he learns a dark family secret.»

I Love Lucy

«Buying clothes will never be the same for this shopper»

A New Shopping Experience

«Parties alone can still be fun»

A Bi Awakening

«a lonely wife, a stranger and an agreement to meet»

The Training of Angela

«Luke takes Ms. Taylor with him on vacation. They meet up with his friends. Things are about to get kinkier, as they welcome his best friend to join the fun!»

Mrs. Taylor (THE MILF) PART 3

«After 10 years of close friendship, my best friend participates in my dirtiest fantasy.»

A Delicious Jessie Sandwich

«With is mind-control powers, Randy punishes his older sister for being a cock-teasing bitch!»

Brother's Mind-Controlled Sisters 3: Slut Sister's Anal Punishment

«Sex for everyone, and familial bonding.»

Master PC - Cumming in Cymru - Chapter 07

«Maybe a coffee will smooth things out?»

Worked Up Ch.02

When you wake, disorientated, but happily missing your lesbian cherry.

Taste The Candy

«The world's first futa has a hot threesome with a MILF and her step-daughter!»

The World's First Futa 01 – Transformed into a Futa Chapter 2: Futa's First MILF

«A young girl and her bus driver become close in.. more ways than one.»

My Bus Driver

«Jenn's friends want proof that she's not ripping them off. Brother helps out.»

My Sister's Lotion pt. 2

«Asleep in the sun she whispers your name, can you walk away?»

Day on the water

Two workaholics find they can enjoy more than just work together

Thigh High Hose -Part 1

«A story of a sissy crossdresser getting gangbanged at work»

Fun Night at Work

A New Year's Eve dream come true...

Cougar Express

Lorrie tells of her deflowerment

Love (And Sex!) In the Time of Zombies (Part 5)

Lorrie tells of her deflowerment

Love (And Sex!) In the Time of Zombies (Part 5)

A straight teenage babysitter is taught the pleasures of girl-on-girl sex by two younger girls

Babysitter Bondage Threesome.

Han's magic hands and ass do their thing

Han Jobs (Hand Job Series)

Online chatters meet for the first time

A Long Way From Home

Our relationship intensifies.

Winter Formal: The Aftermath

She was tall, with long black hair and warm and friendly brown eyes. She was surprised how tall I was. She was disappointed in life, not too successful at college and a couple of years younger than me. After a while, it was obvious that we are attracted to each other.  After a coffee, I invited her for a little walk. We went to my car. We stopped there, and I looked at her with curiosity....Read On

Sweet Christina

Four attractive women pool their resources to write a porn novel.

The Cougar Book Club

The weekend couldn't start soon enough.

A Warm Welcome

Jan tried to change her boring husband into the lover she wants him to be

Educating Brian

A Transvestite Finds Harmony in a Big City

A Condition of Endearment

The Little Witch from our camping trip and her husband come for a weekend of wife swapping.

The Little Witch Comes To Town

Each touch was like a erotic fire, and Callie felt like she couldn't stand it.

Lesbian Shower

Iris gives her new friend a bit more attention...

A Few More Pictures - Her

Sharing her newfound freedom and her boyfriend with her best friend.

For Her Too

It is time for Harry to understand the Cremorne's intent, its demands unsettles them all.

The Last Bookshop - The Man in the Bawdy House

Eve finally gets the answers she has been seeking.

The Demon Eloc - Part4

«Bo meets up with Mya. She turns out to be his "dream" girl.»

My My Tgirl Princess Pt.2

«A secret mission, and too many retries.»

Mouth parts 4 and 5

«A regular guy with secret urgings gets lucky one night at the gym...and then gets caught»

One Bold Night--Part One

«Blake and Karen finally do something they both wanted as teens, but were afraid of killing their friendship. But, Karen is also involved with her girlfriend Chrissy»

Chicago, Chicago, That Toddlin' Town

  When we got back to the city, Bill accompanied me into my apartment, and after I put everything away asked, “Do you want to fuck tonight?” “Yes. You up for it?” “I think I can take it again.” “Yeah, we ruined each other last time.” We were both tired, so we simply stripped and chatted, stroking each other lightly. Bill went into the kitchen and poured himself a drink, and I came in...Read On

Summer Growth, Part II

Dean discovers how slutty his girlfriend's sister is

Sibling Rivalry

«illness leads to pleasure»

Doctor's Orders

«going beyond her wedding vows»

All for his job

«Competition builds the excitement»

Passion on the Run

«The third night.»

Mouth part 3

«Last night, Luke fucked Violet hard in the ass. Luke is going away on vacation. He wants to say bye to her. Not before fucking her again.»

Mrs. Taylor (THE MILF) PART 2

«Part three of my continuing story of Gabe and Karly's love story!»

Falling Down

«Becky, the world's first futa, has a taboo menage with her boyfriend and his step-sister!»

The World's First Futa 01 – Transformed into a Futa Chapter 2: Futa's First Taboo Menage

«Harley Quinn and her 'Puddin' abuse a man for their pleasure.»

Harley Screwed

More strange things happen to Eve at the Wiccan event.

The Demon Eloc - Part 3

  It was a hot summer day. School was out; I was away from home, and I had gone so long without release that I could barely walk from the swelling of my balls. Bill had invited me to spend two weeks with him at his aunt’s, and unfortunately she had the eyes of a hawk and clearly disapproved of young men launching their seed anywhere except inside their lawfully wedded wives. The first two...Read On

Summer growth, Part I

David’s new powers of suggestion go far beyond his control.

Suggestive Liaisons

A chance meeting with a homeless guy develops into a hot incest threesome…


Time to satisfy Morgan's thirst.

Morgan's Organ, Part 3

«Luke meets his neighbor, a sexy MILF that needs some big ass help...literally.»

Mrs. Taylor (THE MILF)

«The next night.»

Mouth part 2

«Little brother moves in with his newly-separated sister to help out with the rent»


Dinner had been lovely. The wine was decent and the décor was elaborate, just like always. This party had been just as fun and just as boring as those in years past. Iris had been more social than she might have been under other circumstances, though. This year she was without a date. She was alone by choice, but not enjoying it as much as she had hoped she would be. A plan was forming,...Read On

Photobooth - Her

She said she had fucked a bigger cock than...

It started as a joke

I'm a kids party Santa,...

Santa Claus is Cumming to Town

Thinking my way through new territory.


«Gloria reluctantly submits to extreme enlargements of her nipples, tits, and ass.»

Gloria's Transformations - the Freak

«Kora is jealous that other women can fawn over her brother while she has to hide her incestuous passiosn.»

-The Rogue's Harem Book 1, Chapter 3: Jealous Sister

«Jon and Tiffany continue their incestuous relationship after the start of the school year. They have been helping each other masturbate but now they are ready for the next step.»

Unwanted: Part 2

«Time Away leads to pleasure»

Welcome Home

«An internet habit gives a shock»

Margie's Revenge

«confronting an Intruder becomes more than breaking and entering»

A Welcome Intruder

«Blackmail and rape in the digital age.»

Mouth Part 1

Recovering from a lengthy illness, April has no Christmas present for her boyfriend. Or does she?

Christmas in April

«When a Latina can’t pay for her groceries, Luke the cashier cums to her rescues. In exchange for covering her ass, she needs to give him some of hers. Enjoy!»

Ass Payment

«High School guy meets a mysterious woman, and soon finds himself in a scary, thrilling situation as she shows her true colors»


Grant becomes more than a cofidant to Mac.

My Neighbor's Backdoor - Part 1

An unannounced visit from a male friend led into a delightful afternoon of sex.

Sensual Seduction

Santa pays a visit to Kimmi ... but it isn't what she expected.

Kimmi ends up on Santa's naughty list

My mom and stepmom compete against each other even in the bedroom.

My two moms

Eve becomes further involved with witchcraft.

The Demon Eloc - Part 2

After the girl is brought in shame to the Dean's office, she discovers her ordeal is only beginning

After the Library

He invited his new found lover for a weekend in Paris...Thank you Sensual Tom!

Naughty Night In Paris

A layover in Chicago turns into a laid-over

Layover in Chicago

Tobin makes a new friend

The Good Neighbour, Part Five

His behavior leads to consequences and then rewards.

Dominating a sixteen-year-old

Steph and Jack and Amy and Phil are making for an increasingly hot combination.

The Party Dream Comes True?

The party continues with Jess and her dad...

Jess' Birthday Request, Ch. 02

«Goaded into a bet with only one outcome, what a bind.»

Tight Spot

«I flashed another girl's father and he totally looked and it led to this hot story.»

Mr C's Face Between My Legs

«"It seemed that if I tried to wake her she'd hit me. I was torn between trying to protect my sister, not wanting to get hit again, and wanting to fill my sexy stepsister with my seed."»

Stepsister Sleepsexing Surprise

Jess wanted her dad for her 18th birthday.

Jess' Birthday Request

Christine woke up on February the 12th with a sense of excitement. As if she would be meeting Santa again. She stretched as the suns morning rays shone through the crack of her curtains bathing her in a halo. Slowly the room came into focus and there on the bed by her feet was a present with a letter. The style was similar if not identical to the gift from Santa at Christmas. Excitedly she...Read On

Santa's Last Stop Part Two

Sometimes even your most secret wish can come true.

Merry Christmas to One and All

How subliminal messaging introduced oral sex to some, and shaped the course of history for others…

Apple Pie

For some, it's a long, difficult journey to find the right soul mate.

The Long Road from Perdition

«Widower stepdad sleepwalks into his stepdaughter's bed, but she knows she shouldn't wake him up.»

Stepfather Sleepwalking Surprise

«Luke provides a sensual massage for a sexy babe. In return, he gets some oily, kinky fun.»

Kiara’s Massage

Eve reacquaints herself with witchcraft.

The Demon Eloc - Part 1

Janie takes her duties a step further

Pastor Love: Part 2

Her body pressed softly against mine, and she looked me in the eyes as we moved lightly against each other. The feel of the muscles of her torso shifting within my arms as her hips moved smoothly side to side burned away any notice of the rest of the world, and when she began rubbing the nape of my neck in the dark, I became fully hard. Our first two slow dances drove me into a slow burn as...Read On

Little sisters are dangerous

«a warning from her Dr and hubby leaving her»

Karen's new exercise regime

«The fuckbuddy she met online says he had a vasectomy. Will she trust him?»

Shooting Blanks: PlentyOfCupid

«Like is a struggling student in math. Jessica, another student, is a tutor who is able to help him. The two get very close to each other, sexually.»

Jessica, My Horny Tutor

«After having sex with her boyfriend, Becky becomes a futa and can't resist his sister!»

The World's First Futa 01 – Transformed into a Futa Chapter 1: Futa's First Time

«Ever wonder what it is like to play Santa for kids? Imagine being hired to show up at a birthday party just before Christmas . . . with no parents at home and four horny girls all ready to make this a special gift for everyone . . . but especially Santa.»

Santa's Christmas Wish

«Two people who barely know one another, are asked to attend a conference and Food Show in Dallas. Both married, but after this trip, their lives are changed forever.»

What Happens in Dallas, Doesn't Necessarily Stay In Dallas

«journey home gets interesting»

Ride to Fullfillment

«not just swim training at the pool»

Pool lessons

«A job watches security cameras can be boring, but boring can turn into fun if you have the right ideas.»


«A Story based on the The Kingkiller Chronicle. You do not need to have read them.»


«To a sex-starved housewife, meeting a handsome stranger would be like something out of a fairy tale, but how would they react if that stranger turned out to be a criminal mastermind?»

Eight Ball: Chapter 01

«Zanyia helps her new master finally enjoy his sister and revels in their incestuous love!»

The Rogue's Harem Book 1, Chapter 2: Catgirl's Naughty Fun

A Christmas Adventure

The Christmas Draw

Tease control ahead

Robert The Randy Married Bobby - Part Eleven

A bored housewife takes drastic steps to get excitement back in her life.

An Erotic Fantasy Made Real

The summer after college ended, I spent the summer with my mother. Dad had long refused to let me stay with him after one of his latest girlfriends had gotten the hots for me and embarrassed all of us, even though I had turned her down flat, and the ban remained in force two years later. Mother said I could stay with her so long as I cooked and did all the chores, which I was happy to do...Read On

Visiting Home

Obsessed with skanky men…

Geyser Man

I enjoyed a night of sinful pleasure with a stranger in Seattle.

Strangers In Seattle

Sometimes, you just need to be naughty to get what you want.

Teenage Hormones Take Control

Every year Santa selected a woman between the age of sixteen and thirty who was on the naughty list as his last stop on Christmas Eve. And these selected women always tried to stay on the naughty list. Santa gave the selected women a treat. It started after Mrs Claus died in the 14th century. It was so Santa could find a new wife, but so far none had quite been right for him. Now Santa...Read On

Santa's Last Stop

It happened again

Happy Friendsgiving, Indeed!

A pretty transvestite finds money can talk!


Gina'sl lover goes to the dark side

A night of passion takes a new turn

Little bitch of a sister gets what's cumming to her....

Little Sister's Punishment

No room at the Inn

Happy Christmas Uncle

After Jessie confesses her love for Kasey, what happens next?

My Third Time

An emotional reunion in the woods; a passion renewed.

Wedding Interrupted 6 : A Bride's Confession

Time to flip Morgan!

Morgan's Organ, Part 2

To find and catch a Mermaid.

The Blind Girl in the Rain: part 4

Aiden meets Damien at the bisexual sex club and lives out her fantasy with him.

Pan's Labyrinth Pt. 1

Steph has a dream about her best friend’s boyfriend

Party Dream

«This is the sequel to "Mrs. H has to chaperone. I'm currently in the girl's locker room, on my knees sucking a teenage students cocks. When I hear the voice of another teacher...»

Mrs. H has to chaperone ch 2

«A bi-curious mans dream of his first time with another man.»

The Dream

She was the most beautiful woman I had ever met... Or was she?

Morgan's Organ

«Some of my times flashing horny men.»

Flasher Girl

«A football jock's roommate has borrowed his last condom, so he gets creative.»


«It's crazy how ther most primal of instincts still dominates the receptors of heat.»

Heaven Scent

«The school geek gets lucky with his sexy Latina teacher»

Mrs. H has to chaperone

«Carly make a wager»

Betting on Haley - Part 1

I suprise one of my Lush friends with a visit to his office

My Naughty Side 2

What should I have done after fifteen years and five kids? I ask because I really don’t know. Should I have waited another fifteen years? What do you do when you tell your husband, “I want to be controlled. I want to be degraded and humiliated.” I begged him to go out into the world and cheat on me. “Come back and tell me she was so much better than I am. Make me suck your cock with her...Read On

Cheating and Cleaning

I love watching my Grandpa fucking my step-mom.

Gramps Does Mom

«I step into my uncle's shoes and take over his farm and his wife.»

Breeding My Widowed Aunt Rose

I was horny and in need of sex. He had a big cock and a reputation on knowing how to use it.

Long Dong John

In your corner, tied up and waiting.

Mister O

«Cousins visit me in years»

My 3 Cousins

«I figured I would share with you the experiences I have had in my sex life. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do writing them.»

Experiences with my Older Brother p2

«In a new age society love has become as peculiar as it could ever be.»


«With John at home with his wife, I have to find something or someone to fill my time with!»

Our story! My fantasy Part 4

«A true story about my first encounter with a tranny»

My first time with a tranny

«Leyla and her naughty mommy adjust into their new lives as Daddy's sex slaves and whores!»

Daughter's Slut Trainign 15: Daughter's Incestuos Delight

«I finally get to fuck John! Also have a little fun on the side»

Our story! My fantasy Part 3

«A new adventure begins as Sven and his sexy sister Kora free a catgirl slave from her cruel master!»

The Rogue's Harem Book 1, Chapter 1: Taboo Dance

The new Pastor takes on an assistant in the office

Pastor Love

Janice had attitude, and a hobby that was too much for most people.

Caught and Captured!

«The Ring makes my wildest dreams come true»

The Ring of Desire - Chapter 3

«A white teenager has sex with a 59-year old BBW black woman»

Ride the wave

«I fuck my adopted daughter for her first time.»

My Adopted Daughter

«A husband allows a stranger to fuck his wife»

I let a stranger fuck my blindfolded wife

«To find and catch a Mermaid. A love story.»

The Blind Girl in the Rain: part 3

«A normally dominant guy gets a taste of his own medicine before turning the tables.»

Role Reversal

A love story with a difference.

Two Birthmarks Reveal a Hidden Secret.

My first experience having sex for money was sweeter than I expected

Gina brings pleasure to a sweet older man

A woodland walk becomes exhibitionism, and then much more.

A Woodland Walk.

Phil meets a nurse and Helene persuades her to have sex with Phil.

Ferry Couple 4 - Phil's Nurse

The plan was set. Would I be able to follow through with watching my girlfriend get fucked?

From Sam to Sarah: A Genre-Bending Story of Personal and Sexual Discovery. Chapter 3

«Hey everyone! This is my first story so if you have suggestions leave them in the comments and I will read them!»

A most unusual school

Perfect way to start the day

Good Morning, Baby

oral stories in November