oral Stories in September 2017

«Becca, the futa-reporter, has one wild talk show as she fucks her daughter live on the air!»

The Futa Fairy - Futa Reporter's Wicked Wish Chapter 3: Becca's Wild Talk Show

I am finally ravished by Bluto, my comic book hero…

Popeye, The Sailor Man

My holiday in Tenerife continues in the same way it started!

My first week in Tenerife

The Final War was over, but the threat of a second Final War loomed large. We turned to the work of Our Founder for comfort. His writing offered guidance and hope, and instruction on how to be the kind of citizen He needed. Our Founder wrote many books, and all were essential. There were passages required to advance at school. There were passages required to obtain a work permit. There...Read On

The Second Final War

«I knew mariam since 2 years . We met on kik and then our friendship grew and we started to roleplay and sext each other even when we were in relation with someone else. But this month we got opportunity to make our fantasies come to life.»

Banging a virgin muslim girl in holy month of ramadan

«All of Adam's ladies are out of town... Except his mom.»

My Life. Ch. 12...

«Danielle comes home in the middle of the night, but what does she find? The five year series wraps up with one more set of adventures.»

Sisters By The Pool Part 17 (Series Finale)

«Young female, trying to discover her sexuality. She gets help from her loving Aunt....»

Erica's Loving Aunt Julie

My mother's girlfriend is a real spanish pepper

La Novia Española

«A mother gains mind control power and gives her youngest son an education he'll never forget!»

Mommy Mind Control Chapter 1: Mommy's Naughty Lesson

«Young white girl's black fantasy comes true»

Karla’s Curiosity 1: Girl dreams of black cock

«We have a wonderful time on our road trip.»

Me and My Brothers Chapter VIII

«Seducing my sexy music teacher»

Forbidden Attraction 1 (Revised)

«Music teacher and his naughty naughty student :)»

Forbidden Attraction 2 (Revised)

«Johnny buys a nice Bar B Q stand and hires a cute, smart and willing young lady.»

I Had Always Wanted ..... Part 1

«Johnny buys a nice Bar B Q stand and hires a cute, smart and willing young lady.»

I Had Always Wanted ..... Part 2

«The teacher and her former student hook up at his berry farm»

Best Way to Eat Blackberry Preserves...On Pussy

«(Shemale x Male) Ash continues his journey of discovery with Laura.»

Southern Hospitality Ch.02

«A visit with the cat to the vet results in more than I bargained for....»

Austin the Veterinarian

«Daddy dominates his second daughter and her lesbian girlfriend!»

Daddy's Mind-Controlled Daughters 2: Two Daughters Double the Fun

«Teen guy learning sexuality»

first of many part 1

«After reading sadomasochistic stories on the internet, Kate, mother of two and a good woman, can't resist her temptation»

What Kate wants

«There's a little something brewing between Dana and Michael. Plus, we meet a possible new flame for our hero.»

A New Job - Chapter 3

Surprise blow job for Adrian

Adrian's first blow job

«I was the entertainment for a long weekend of camping»

Kinky Camping: Day 1

«A schizophrenic teenage boy with a slutty counter-personality, and his magical twin sister run from the feds, and even greater dangers.»

Two Halves of a Whole: Part 1

«A cheerleader is found unconscious in a bedroom at a party. Guess what happens next?»

Boys Don't Cheer

«Billy always had a thing for redheads. He never had a whole lot of success with them...until he hit the jackpot.»


«Leyla's slut education continues as her mother teachers her new, wicked delights.»

Daughter's Slut Training 2: Daughter's Wicked Education

«Can she withstand his methods of persuasion?»

Interrogation of Sofia

Wife has a surprise for both of them.

A Conflicting View II. Surprise !!

Ken is a black eighteen year old who begins an affair with his best friend's mother.

An Education: A Coming of Age Story

Their honeymoon is interrupted by unforseen circumstance which leads to something else

Token Honeymoon

Change can be a good thing

My Metamorphosis

Is she real, or just another personality? With the insanity of lust and love, does it matter?

Moving On Part 3 of 3

My son brings back some friends from university. Guess who they are?

Eight University Students and Me Part 2

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