written_by_women Stories in April 2018

«A young woman, Cheyanne, is hunted down and gang raped by zombies who hunger for sex»

Trouble With Zombies

«Samantha is being paid by a 60-year-old man daughter to take care of the 60-year-old man, who slowly losing his memory due to Alzheimer.»

Mr. Malcolm

«Ariela brings in a new aid to help her route out the traitor»

Ariela Ch.03: Security

«A new face arrives in Ariela's court with rumours that she, of all people, has traitors in her midst aiming to free her precious Belind, something she could never let happen.»

Ariela Ch.03: New Secrets

«Ariela continues her conquest of the Prince to tighten her grip on the realm.»

Ariela Ch.02: Broken In

«A Sorceress of dark power and even darker desires, Ariela delivers the final blow in the fall of a Kingdom in a truely singular fashion.»

Ariela Ch.01: Depravities Origin

«A thief who attempts to burglarize her next victim's house. Unbeknownst to her, the house belongs to a vampire who wants more than just blood, and will take it by force.»

Under The Vampire's Control

«Grace nervously opens a secret email account and starts writing to Dan.»

Secret Email Account

«A grieving royal takes up a new pastime in the wake of the death of her husband. To get technical, she actually takes up two pastimes. At the same time. In both of her holes.»

Heavy is the Head

«Young noblewoman Anna is married off to a ruthless man who uses and abuses her for his own pleasure on their wedding night»

The Marriage Bed

«Scarlett sister comes to visit her»

My Step Sister Amber: Forbbien Love

«This is my first time ever writing a story, it is about Nina and Mark.... and a night alone on Independence Day»

Independence Day - Part 1

«Ever wonder what happens if you manage to contact a particularly horny spirit when you're spelling out words on the Ouija board? These four girls managed to find themselves in exactly this predicament.»

Hard as an Ouija Board

«When she asked you to make her melt, she probably didn't mean like this.»

Cloudberry Chronicles Part II: Meltdown

«I've been dying for a good fuck. Not getting enough so I took ot into my own hands»

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